Message from the chairman

Message from the Chairman

Lhasso Fyafulla On behalf of the Tamang Development and Cultural Board, I welcome you to the board’s website. I hope that it meets your expectations and that it will help you learn a lot more about the board, through the information on these web pages. I am honoured to be the first chairman in our board and truly humbled to lead the incredibly wonderful and dedicated Tamang Community of West Bengal, India. . I also recognize that with leadership comes a responsibility; one I consider a privilege and pray and hope that the legacy of my leadership is a tribute to the success and stability of TDCB and to the belief in the importance of our purpose held in common with us by our community over so many decades.

TDCB which has been in operation since July 2014, has the largest Tamang( indigenous tribal) population in West Bengal ,and has over 2 lakh people as members within the state of West Bengal.

Our motto is Development in totality. TDCB works at the very center of this challenge, across the broadest base in community development.. Every day, we are working to help Tamang people everywhere, live respectful, healthier and happier lives. This is what we will be doing in the years to come as we keep consolidating the sectors within the board in which we have been operating for over the last year , such as construction of houses for the underprivileged , Women empowerment schemes,health programmes ,education, employment support and self sustaining training projects whilst at the same time, venturing into new and exciting areas which will provide us with new challenges and opportunities for growth. We intend moving ahead with the full co-operation of all our community members who have always been there at every juncture of our journey so far.

Past examples of caring by individuals that inspires caring in the whole community, reminds me of how firmly and fundamentally compassion is woven into the fabric of our culture. This legacy of caring continues as I renew our commitment to look, to go beyond developing and rebuilding, and explore programs that will make our community more developed, resilient and prepare them for a better future, whilst safeguarding our age old Tamang culture

This Website, will serve as the board’s shop window for all the services it provides in the various sectors we have branched.. One thing that comes to the fore is that the website emanates from our strong belief in the importance of continuous development, improving and expanding the board’s reach. Our characteristic vision and careful planning reflect how much effort we put in to making our board a good example of excellence! .


Sanjay Moktan
Tamang Development & Cultural Board